Wet tropics great walk

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Girringun National Park is one of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area series of national park and comprises six sections: Blencoe Falls, Dalrymple Gap track, Mount Fox, Princess Hills, Wairuna and Wallaman. The park contains spectacular waterfalls such as the 268m Wallaman Falls which is the highest, permanent, single-drop waterfall in Australia and Blencoe Falls which plunges into the impressive Herbert River Gorge. Other features of the park include palm-filled gullies, rainforests and safe rock pools in which to swim. Do not swim in the Herbert River as it is home to estuarine crocodiles, be croc wise. Cassowaries are sometimes seen in the rainforest sections of the park so take care.

There are around 110 km of walking opportunities in the park, including short and overnight walks. The walks pass through the traditional lands of three Aboriginal groups: the Warrgamay, Warungnu and Girramay. All of the Wet Tropics Great Walk tracks have been given language names by the Traditional Owners. All camping areas in Girringun National Park and along the Wet Tropics Great Walk requires a camping permit.

The Blencoe Falls section provides a gateway to the Wet Tropics Great Walk and there are three other access points in the Wallaman Falls section. The walk follows the length of the Herbert River through the park.

The remote and isolated Juwun (and Jambal) walk starts at Blencoe Falls and is a strenuous walk through the Herbert River Gorge following the river downstream to Yamanie. There is no designated walking track or camp sites in the gorge beyond Blanket Creek. Allow 4 to 6 days to complete this walk. The walk may be closed during the wet season, between September and May and at other times for management purposes. The Juwun walk is suitable for experienced, self-sufficient walkers with a high level of fitness. (The Jambal walk follows the Juwun walk as far as Blanket Creek bush camp before returning the same way. Allow two days for the 20.6km return walk.)

There are three walking tracks in the Wallaman Falls section of the Wet Tropics Great Walk:

  • Buujan Quiinbiira walk is 37.5km one way. Starting at Wallaman Falls allow two days to reach Yamanie pick-up point.
  • Djagany (goanna) walk takes three days and is 56.8km one way. It also starts at Wallaman Falls, but ends at Henrietta gate pick-up point.
  • Gugigugi (butterfly) walk is 37.5km one way. It takes two days between Henrietta gate and Yamanie pick-up points.