Australian Alps Walking Track


Overview: The Australian Alps Walking Track is a 650km long route that passes through the mountains of Victoria and New South Wales.  The walk is known for good mountain scenery and significant altitude changes.
Difficulty: High.  There is over 27,000 metres of climbing and descending. This equates to between 550m and 800m of climbing and descending each day!  The track is rough in places and could be overgrown.
Details: The southern end or the route is at Walhalla, a small town in Victoria about 130 km east of Melbourne. The northern end is at Tharwa near the outskirts of Canberra.  The route is regarded as the grandest and most difficult of all the long distance tracks in Australia and traverses a lot of Australia’s best alpine scenery.
Level of self-sufficiency required: High level of self-sufficiency. The route traverses mountainous forested regions and natural landscapes. There are no major facilities.

Food drops can be placed by vehicle near various road crossings.

Permits required?


No permits are required to walk the route.

A permit is required to camp in the Cotter River Valley in the Namadgi National Park in the ACT.

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Climate and weather: Mid spring (October) to late autumn (May) is the ideal climate for walking the track. However, lack of water on the route is a major issue during summer.

The best time to walk is spring – October through to December.

Significant sections of the route are snow covered during winter.

Hazards/safety issues: Risk of bushfires

Lack of water along some sections of the route

Fresh water availability: Fresh water is difficult to locate on some sections of the route particularly over summer.  Check availability of water on the route before departure.
Mobile phone coverage: Poor.  Mobile phone service is available along sections of the route that are close to ski resorts, but is unavailable on large sections.
Special equipment: EPIRB or satellite phone or device is recommended

Australian Alps Walking Track guide book.

Transport options: There a low numbers of walkers on the route so commercial transport options are limited.