Great Ocean Walk

Overview: The Great Ocean Walk is a one-way long-distance walk extending from Apollo Bay to the iconic Twelve Apostles near Princetown, travelling just over 100km from east to west
Difficulty: Formed track, some obstacles, clearly signposted, minor elevation changes
Details: The walk passes through the Great Otway and Port Campbell national parks that include tall forests, coastal heathlands, wild rocky shores, river estuaries and windswept cliff-tops.  The scenery is spectacular.

Good campsites are available at specified locations along the walk.

Level of self-sufficiency required: The walk can be done by self-sufficient groups.

Some comfortable accommodation and meal options are also available along the route.

There are a number of access points that make it easy to do sections of the walks.

Permits required: Advance bookings and payment are required year round for campsites. There are no trail fees.
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Climate and weather: The coastal climate is mild and does not typically include extreme weather conditions, although very hot days in summer and cold wet weather in winter may be experienced.
Hazards/safety issues: Sections of coastal cliffs may be unstable.

Tree falls in forest areas sometimes occur, take care when selecting campsites.

Fresh water availability: Rainwater tanks are available at Elliot, Blanket Bay, Cape Otway, Aire River, and Johanna Beach, Ryans Den and Devils Kitchen campsites. Check availability of water at these locations before commencing the walk. Take care to use water sparingly and to be mindful of others requiring water.
Mobile phone coverage: Coverage is not available along the entire route, there are black spots
Special equipment:
Transport options: Coaches are available to get to and from Apollo Bay and Princetown.  Local commercial operators can provide transport to locations along the walk by arrangement.