Scope of this bushwalking manual

The content from “Bushwalking and Ski Touring Leadership” (BMTAB Handbook, published 2000) has been fully revised to provide web-based guidelines and information for safe, enjoyable community-based  volunteer bushwalking in Australia.


  • Track notes or maps of specific walks.
  • Requirements for commercial operators and school or youth groups or any other groups with special needs.
  • Competency-based training and associated standards. These are not relevant to community-based bushwalking.
  • Detailed instructions on use of specific equipment and first aid.
  • Provision of legal advice.
  • Specific programs and syllabus for bushwalking or bushwalking leadership training.
  • Advice on Bushwalking Club policies or procedures.
  • Related activities, aside from limited advice on rogaining, ski touring and snowshoeing.