Scope of this Bushwalking Manual

This online Bushwalking Manual, published by Bushwalking Victoria, is a revision and update of the Bushwalking and Ski Touring Leadership Handbook, also known as the BMTAB Handbook, last published by the Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Training Advisory Board (BMTAB) in Victoria, Australia in 2000.

It provides guidelines and information for safe, enjoyable community-based  volunteer bushwalking in Australia.


  • Track notes or maps of specific walks.
  • Requirements for commercial operators and school or youth groups or any other groups with special needs.
  • Competency-based training and associated standards. These are not relevant to community-based bushwalking.
  • Detailed instructions on use of specific equipment and first aid.
  • Provision of legal advice.
  • Specific programs and syllabus for bushwalking or bushwalking leadership training.
  • Advice on Bushwalking Club policies or procedures.
  • Related activities, aside from limited advice on rogaining, ski touring and snowshoeing.